Weekly Services

Friday Evening, 7:30 PM
Followed by Oneg Shabbat

Saturday Morning, 9:45 AM
Followed by Kiddush

Sunday Morning, 9:15 AM
Followed by Men’s Club Brunch

All are welcome.
We meet in the New Light (Helfant) Chapel
in the main lobby
Enter on 5915 Beacon Street.

Statement on Recent Hate Crimes

We are saddened and horrified by the hate crimes – the stabbing of several people at a Hanukkah celebration in a rabbi’s home in Monsey, NY and the killing of two parishioners at the West Freeway Church of Christ in Texas.   This is only the latest in a string of violent anti-Semitic and hate based attacks throughout the United States.   We stand in solidarity with both communities; we grieve with the families of the victims and we pray for the wounded to heal quickly and completely.

While it is painful that in this particular incident in New York Jewish people were targeted for celebrating the Festival of Lights, we know that just like the Maccabees, our community will persevere and prevail.

Hanukkah, translated into English, means “dedication.” We are grateful for the dedication of the law enforcement officers who apprehended the suspect shortly after the NY attack and the church’s security team in Texas who stopped the shooter. We light our Hanukkah candles with a poignant sense of dedication to the Pittsburgh Jewish community and pride in our Judaism.


New Light Congregation is a Conservative synagogue situated in Squirrel Hill with a 100 year history of serving God as Jews. People call us the “most haimish shul in town.”

Our synagogue is a second home. This is where we come to celebrate the cycle of Jewish holidays and festivals as well as the life cycle events of our families and friends; to rejoice with newlyweds and welcome B’nai Mitzvzah into our congregation. It is where we come to recite Mi Sheberach for those in need of healing and Kaddish for departed loved ones.

Rabbi Jonathan Perlman

Our synagogue is about embracing the living covenant of Judaism and the Jewish people. Wherever Jews find themselves around the world, they are connected by a shared covenant with God who has watched over our people from the time of Abraham. That covenant means striving for a holy life, discovering new pathways for spirituality and Torah thinking, and investing in a community with shared values. At New Light we do our part to join the network of Jewish communities around the world; fostering a commitment to God, Torah, and Israel. Please come join us on a Friday night or Saturday morning for services and see for yourselves the friendliness that our synagogue has become known for. We hope to see you soon.

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