New Light Congregation was originally formed in 1899 as Oher Chodosh Congregation. Read more.


Dues are $950 per year, per family, and $475 per year for individuals. For persons ages 21-35, the Junior Membership fee is $100. Membership includes High Holiday seating. First year members receive a discount. New members receive a free first year membership in the Sisterhood and/or Men’s Club. Contact Membership Vice-President Debbi Salvin or call 412-421-1017 for more information.


Men’s Club

The Men’s Club prepares breakfast on Sunday mornings following Minyan services. Our Rabbi leads the discussion on various topics. Activities include distribution of Yom HaShoah Remembrance candles and Sunday Lox & Bagel Brunches (sponsored jointly with the Sisterhood), highlighting well-known speakers. Thanks to the Men’s Club, we are the “Synagogue on Wheels”, having traveled to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, the Jewish museum in Philadelphia, the Maltz Museum in Cleveland, Atlantic City, Toronto, Wheeling Casino and Mountaineer Casino. A free first year Men’s Club membership is given to all new Synagogue members. Harold Caplan is the Men’s Club President.


There are regular programs with speakers. We have toured the University of Pittsburgh Nationality Rooms, the Clayton House & the Heinz History Center and attended plays at the Pittsburgh Playhouse. Plans are underway for new outings. One largest fund raising events is the sale of Enjoy Books. Book plates are sold to be placed in our new Shabbat Prayer Books. A free first year Sisterhood membership is given to all new Synagogue members. Sharyn Stein is the Sisterhood President.

Hesed Committee

The Hesed Committee pursues the many mitzvot that constitute caring for our members in the best of times and in the worst of times. We are in touch with happens in their lives whether it is a planned simcha or unplanned time of difficulty or grief. In case of illness, the rabbi may visit or a hesed volunteer will call. If a shiva period of mourning is observed, our volunteers call upon ten people to make a minyan to say “kaddish” at home or at the synagogue (when services are not scheduled). We deliver soup and are present for hospitality if a member is recovering at home from surgery or illness. We communicate through a telephone tree to inform and also mobilize our congregation to help a member in need. Whether it is a birth, marriage, birthday or anniversary, we spread the word and celebrate your milestones. True hesed is a gift of one’s presence to another whom God sends at just the right time!