The Choral Torah

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THE CHORAL TORAH: 5 BOOKS IN 4 PARTS: At heart, the Torah is a piece of music. Its words are notated in ornate calligraphy like an ancient score and transmitted by cantillation. What’s more, we are commanded in the final chapters of Deuteronomy to “Write for yourselves this song; teach it to the children of Israel and place it in their mouths:” כתבו לכם את השירה הזאת ולמדהּ את בני ישראל שימהּ בפיהםIn this session, we’ll dig deep into our oldest text in search of new music. We’ll play with words and dissect sounds, encountering singable consonants, Gregorian modes and the stories at the core of our heritage. Guided by Josh Ehrlich, composer of The Choral Torah: 5 Books in 4 Parts, we’ll take a magic-school-bus-style ride through the Bible, complete with musical detours presented by the dynamic and aptly-named all-sibling quartet, The Four Hermaneutics. Prepare to experience the five books like never before — in four parts!

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