Entrance Sign to New Light Cemetery

New Light Congregation maintains a Cemetery in Shaler Township. Congregants receive a 20% discount on grave sites after a two year membership. For information contact Myron Snider or call 412-422-1233.

  • Cost per grave: $700
  • Opening/closing of grave: $950
  • Perpetual Care (mandatory): $775
  • Perpetual care covers the foundation and bed. The monument may be protected by your home owners insurance. Any other planting will incur additional costs.
  • Single Foundation: $400
  • Double Foundation: $550
  • Single Closed Bed: $950
  • Double Closed Bed: $1350

New Light Cemetery

how to find the new light Cemetery

New Light Congregation Cemetery is located at
750 Soose Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15209,
Shaler Township (Off Rt 8 near Etna, PA) ‎.

In an Emergency, please contact contact Myron Snider or call 412-422-1233.



New Light Cemetery
Detailed Directions to the Cemetery
Detailed Directions #1


Via 62nd Street Bridge
Detailed Directions #2


Via US 376 - Rt 28
Cemetery Contact Information

Call Myron Snider 412-422-1233 today to reserve your plot or in an Emergency.

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